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Why Big Companies Must Have Reputation Management

Many big companies have suffered the consequences of negative publicity about them on the internet and this has led to create the awareness among businesses to protect their online presence. Search engine reputation management is all about protecting your company’s name from undue criticism, hate sites and reviews from angry customers.


Corporate Reputation Management delivers a number of benefits;

  • It can remove all negative reviews about your company
  • With special webmaster tools, the SERM service providers remove negative search engine results about you]
  • SERM monitors Google’s top ten ranking search results
  • Spread good word about you
  • Modify the tone where it can not completely remove a post
  • Enhances your company’s all future online communication
  • Keep a track of search engines and monitors all possible searches that are made in your name


News that comes up on the internet spreads throughout the web in fraction of a second and as a result many people start commenting on it and posting further harmful material, sometimes just for the sake of spreading a rumor, and sometimes because they had a bad experience. Even the competitors make full use of such opportunities. Ignoring or avoiding these issues can lead you to grave damages. It is best to confront the problem and take appropriate measures to protect and enhance your online presence.

Having SERM tools is particularly important for established and successful companies because they are more exposed than smaller businesses and hence more prone to threats. Angry stakeholders and competitors are the people who can bring the worst harm.

Here are a few facts which highlight the significance of search engine reputation management for big companies.


Corporate image

Your online identity plays a crucial role in your success. Internet market is a global one and the customers who can not reach you directly totally rely on your online image. If a bad comment is posted on a webpage that ranks on the hundredth place on search engine, it is least likely to bring any harm but what if that comment is on a high PR website included in top ten pages in the search engine results? And blogs or forums easily find their place in top ranking.


Market share

Online image has a direct influence on your market share. A bad publicity can adversely affect customer loyalty and trust they put in your name. When customers’ trust is lost you lose your consumer base and hence your market share.


Revenue growth

Fewer customers mean lesser demand for your products or services which in turn means decreased sales.


Stakeholder interest

Your stakeholders are the people who make up your company. A successful business can never operate in isolation or closed environment. You have a responsibility towards them and when their interests are harmed you can lose your credibility.

Earlier, companies did not realize how critical this issue is, but gradually businesses have recognized the role their online presence plays in their success and the importance of managing their online identity.

Reputation Management